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How To Structure Your Dissertation Paper: Tips For Students

Depending on the institution that you are in and how they define a dissertation paper you will find that the structure guidelines vary from one institution to another. That is why it is essential that you countercheck what your institution demands before you embark on the writing process. However there are some common elements that you will find in almost every essay and i have listed them below.

The title page

Just from the name, this is basically the first page of your paper. It contains the name of your school, the title and sub title of the dissertation, your full names, your registration number, the educational program you are in and finally, the name of your supervisor.


In this part, you thank those who came in handy in writing your paper from your supervisor to the driver who took you to the place where you conducted your research and anyone who also supported you emotionally or in any other possible way. Do not include any other information in this sector. Read as many dissertation paper examples as possible so as to master this part.


The person who is reading your paper will be able to know what you are going to discuss in the main body through the abstract and whether it is interesting or not. Ensure that you adhere to the word limit provided and make your abstract as brief as possible.

Table of contents

This contains the topics and subtopics of your work on the pages where they are located at. If you do not know how to write this part you can find an APA dissertation sample and check out. A good table of content will help the reader navigate through your work easily.


It acts as a hook and introduces the reader to the main idea in your essay. You can also include a thesis statement in the last line of your introduction. A nice introduction should be brief and precise. If you are having troubles with how to introduce your paper, go to the library and read dissertation paper samples for more incite.

The body

This part discusses the findings of your research. Paragraphs are used to describe your outcomes and it is best that each paragraph stands for its own idea. To score marks, ensure that you discuss the points exhaustively. You need to know how long is a dissertation paper so as to determine how much content to be placed here.


In this section, you can summarize your points or recap the main idea. Just like the abstract and introduction, your conclusion should be brief also. In the conclusion, it is good to ensure that you cite he sources that you used or else you will have plagiarized.

So as to write good work, it is good to ensure you start with the basics such as understanding what a dissertation paper is before you embark on memorizing the structure. Once you have understood the basics then you will not have to buy a dissertation paper. You will craft your own skillfully and with expertise.

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