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Good Research Dissertation Topics

What is a dissertation? It implies a severe academic work that is of scientific value and which requires serious effort. Suitable research dissertation titles are not easy to pick. They must interest you enough for you to deal with them for a couple of years. So how would you go about selecting a suitable title for your use?

Relevant and Good Research Dissertation Titles

Are you pursuing a career in any field, and in dire need of a relevant research dissertation title for your academic work? Since a dissertation title requires uniqueness and a lack of previous exploration, coming up with one from scratch can be challenging. Here are possible dissertation titles to help you jumpstart your research.

  • Influence of effective auditing on the income of big corporations
  • The impact of income tax on small businesses
  • Tax legislation on the freelance market
  • How to account for ethics in the weapons manufacture industry
  • Impact of risk-inclined accounting on the swift development of a company
  • Impact of company leader’s accounting education on success
  • Analysis of cash-flows in predicting a company’s accomplishments
  • Current financial accounting methods
  • Current fixed asset applications that are most effective
  • A comparative external vs. in-house audit study
  • Analysis of price fluctuations on real estate within a city
  • Market developments in real estate and the underlying reason
  • Real estate environment-friendly Plans
  • The 2008 economic crunch as a failure of leadership
  • Current models on business leadership
  • Impact of globalization on business leadership
  • Challenges facing international companies
  • Impact of gender equality on business management
  • Core strategies that entice foreign investment
  • Moral management and sustainability of the business
  • The bearing mentorship has in influencing a career feat
  • Influence of HR policies on worker job fulfillment
  • Business management in countering discrimination risks
  • How huge corporations influence ethical values
  • An all-inclusive study on business management owned by the family
  • Reward systems impact on worker performance
  • Tourism industry management models
  • Managing customer relations in the monetary sector
  • Gender role stereotypes in the contemporary workplace
  • Unusual HR strategies in the management of worker performance and happiness
  • Public Administration involvement on the civil liberties of people that homeless
  • Impact of youth on political system development
  • Policies on immigration and their population and economic influence
  • Public administration citizen involvement and social media
  • Civil rights violations and their resolution on the level of a government
  • How huge corporations influence public administration
  • The public administration significance of race and equal gender representation
  • Public administration practices of fraud, their impact, and the deterrent methods
  • The public relation implication and the current realization methods
  • Efficient sector marketing of small businesses
  • Fresh marketing strategy requirement in social media
  • Discovering morals in marketing: the no return boundary
  • Do retail business fidelity programs work?
  • The role of advertising in teenage tobacco consumption
  • The Instagram marketing particulars and placement of adverts
  • Influence of packaging on cosmetic industry sales
  • The variances between digital and traditional marketing, their disadvantages and advantages
  • What is the effectiveness of a comedy-based advert strategy?
  • All-inclusive strategy in advertisement
  • Handling injuries in patients with diabetes
  • Providing a crucial hospital environment for the elderly
  • The relationship between a patients’ anxiety level and tending help
  • PTSD treatment strategies for patients
  • Program management of drug dependency
  • Schemes to avert burnouts in nurses
  • Acute pain treatment of patients
  • Benefits and limitations of private contemporary nursing system
  • HR Policies that increase hospital care efficiency
  • How to manage a contagious disease department?


Picking a research dissertation title for your work is the first crucial step in doing great research. Remember, the title has to be new and unexplored yet possible to measure with a practical conclusion.

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