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Guide on how to choose a dissertation topic

Selecting a dissertation topic is a common problem most students face while writing their final paper. Choosing a topic is essential for your dissertation. You need to carry out in-depth research on the topic you are writing.

Your choice of a dissertation topic is vital in your final paper because you are expected to show your expert knowledge of your field of study.

Below are a few essential tips that would help you choose the right topic easily.

  1. Choose something that inspires and interest you
  2. Ensure that your ideas inspire you because your dissertation can take a long time to complete. Make sure the topic is something that inspires you to do more research. Ensure you pick a topic based on something that interests you so that you don’t get stuck while writing. The long period of writing will quickly fly by if your dissertation is both inspiring and captivating.

  3. Choose a unique topic and approach to research
  4. Make sure that your topic is unique and takes a different position on an issue or debate. If you don’t want to create a unique topic, you can also create a different research approach to existing problems and controversies.

  5. Remain objective and impartial during your research
  6. You have to ensure your dissertation topic allows you to remain impartial and objective during your research. Make sure that you find the weaker sides of the matter and you can write about the negative and positive influences using different views. Try to remain clear as to your position as the author of the paper.

Features of a Good Dissertation Topic

Unlike essay writing, dissertations are not only lengthy but also give you the freedom to research and chose a good topic.  You also don’t get told what you are expected to write. You are left to carry out your research and come up with something substantial and unique at a particular time.

Here are some features that make your dissertation topic stand out;

  • Your topic must be clear and engaging to your audience.
  • The dissertation topic must be related to a current issue or has support from recent research.
  • A good topic asks questions.
  • It uses clear language with appropriate terms.
  • It provides arguments and viewpoints.

Succeeding in your Dissertation Struggles

Even with a suitable dissertation topic, you might get stuck and don’t know how to continue writing. Writing your dissertation is a long process, even more than researching. You can consult your lecturer or tutor for the practical requirements in writing your dissertation. While choosing the topic of your final paper, ensure that you pick a unique topic while keeping your future employment, career, ideas, and intentions in mind.


Your dissertation has a way of reflecting your skills and personality. Choosing the right topic ensures that your personality and skills are reflected well. It also shows that you have expert knowledge of your field of study. Our tips above would assist you in choosing a unique topic for your dissertation.

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